Main Project Production – Work in progress Part 4


Showing details of the masking technique used for sketch animation and side bar scripting.

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Main Project Production – Work in progress Part 3


Details added – Side bar, forward button, back button position.



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Main Project Production – Work in progress Part 2


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Main Project Production – Work in progress Part 1


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Main Project Research – One Other Interactive Piece

  • nfctd

This Puzzle like piece is fantastic. The imagery is beautiful and captivating and has a great flow. I love the fluid motion when further illustrations appear, this being something I would like to re-create with my own sketches for my final piece.

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Sketches for Main Interactive Piece

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Storyboard for Main Interactive Piece

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Main Project Research – Quotes

“The most engaging interactive [works rely] upon flow; that is, uninterrupted participation in the unfolding action. Poor interaction design can interrupt flow and degrade the experience.” Brenda Laurel

“The feeling of being in another place and engaged in the action therein.” Salen and Zimmerman

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Main Project Research – Artists

Artists that have inspired my interactive piece:

  • David Hockney

Hockney’s use of montage and layout is useful in understanding how my interactive piece will come together, much like his joiners my piece will use this montaging effect using many different images.

  • Raoul Hausmann

This use of text by Hausmann has further developed my own ideas, exploring different ways to arrange text. My piece is based on an interactive poem which will incorporate further text to tell a story. The pieces above use inventive ways to display text, something to keep in mind when making my own interactive work.

  • Kurt Schwitters

Schwitter’s use of mixed media has been of great inspiration when designing and planning my interactive piece. His use of found photography overlaid with text, drawing and paint is useful in understanding the combining of elements to make a piece. My interactive piece will use found photography, drawing and text.

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Main Project Research – Found Photography Works

Works by artists using found photography-

Mabe Bethônico








Collector: newspaper cuttings organised in pockets and sorted in folders, collected in twelve archival boxes.
work in process since 1996.

Joachin Schmid











1986-1999: Archive by Joachin Schmid–1999-archiv

Audrey Corregan











A Family Affair

Paul Druecke










Paul Druecke, a social event archive, Social Ocassion snapshots contributed by the public

A Social Event Archive began in 1997 when artist Paul Druecke went door to door  inviting people to contribute one photo from their personal collection. Druecke  created the project around the this invitation–everyone is invited to contribute one photo. The Archive holds over 700 photographs in its collection. The Archive assembles the photos in the order received, and presents them as  a traveling exhibition and in editioned books. The photographs were not curated;  they needed only to fulfil the guidelines.

Francisco Tomsich








Francisco Tomsich: “the most attractive issue for me is that of the categories we can use for order and interpretate them. I first tried to read them as a corpus from formal, chronological, tematic and topographical points of view, but it is not enough. In this exhibition, I used other categories, focusing not the narratives but how these pictures challenge us from their specifical content and they teach us some things about how no-photographers think about photography, and the ways they face problems like beauty, interest and pose, and the functions of pictures like anchors of memory that people can use and rejecte as any object and also manipulate them, make them record and show the marks of expressive acts we can choose to look and keep, or not.”

Caroline Bernard, Michiko Tsuda







A still camera is found in the woods with a memory card full of pictures of persons unknown. By deduction, it would seem that these people frequent the city of Grenoble in France. So an investigation is conducted to try and trace them, from Japan, by exploring the Grenoble area with the Street View tool.

Erik Kessels









Erik Kessels Bangkok Beauties

‘In Bangkok Beauties, Eric Kessels’ provides a look at a specific photographic series that depicts attractive women during a beauty contest sometime ago. here we see the contestants displaying themselves in such a way as to be judged by their poise, their poise and most of all by their appearance.

The photographs have become even more precious and lovely in their decay. Over the years, the pictures have deteriorated, been scratched and suffered weather all of which serves to enhance their beauty both as images and as objects. In fact, we can hold these rescued beauties and see them front and back thereby join in the admiring contest that continues even still.’


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