Rinze Van Brug – website design research

A strong Home page that demonstrates the style of the photographer. The simplistic colour scheme compliments the visual work displayed and is consistent throughout. The text font and size is clear and easy to read and works well next to photographic work. As with James Day’s website the images are slightly off centre and an appropriate amount of blank space is left leaving a clean and sophisticated look to the website. The individual image galleries are beautifully set out with small thumbnails that are consistent in size and design. When the user accesses images they are displayed both left, right and centre which adds an individual element to the site.

The site is easy to navigate and menu items are appropriately labelled.  ‘About’, ‘blog’ and ‘contact’ sections are included with a clear narrative throughout. One other detail that has inspired my own website design is the Home page navigation. ‘RINZE VAN BRUG PHOTOGRAPHY’ acts as the Home page button and changes colour when the user rolls over the word ‘photography’. This small detail is very effective in design but also is a continuous reminder of the photographer who’s website you are visiting. Clean, sophisticated and top notch navigation, Rinze Van Burg’s website is very inspirational.



About Natalieviolet

My name is Natalie Violet Lilly Dawes. Im currently in my second year of university studying Digital Photography at London South Bank. This blog will serve as part of my assessment for the unit Interactive Photography and will work as an online digital sketchbook documenting my research and design ideas for set assignments.
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