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James Day’s simple and minimal website is very effective. The use of only grey, black and white further highlights his range of bold photographs and applies consistency to the website. His use of small simple text also compliments his imagery. The website lists many options of how the user can view the photography according to preference. For example: fullscreen and remove thumbnails. The font and text size stays consistent and is small, this may be a problem for some users but I find that the smaller text is less distracting.


The Home page is strong and the image changes every time you access the website showing that he has a varied style of photography. The layout is also very simple with both menu items and images placed to the left hand side. This small detail makes the website much more interesting. I very much like the off-centre approach used here and feel it makes the website more unique.


The only problem that I can find with the website is its navigation. Once you have accessed a gallery of images it is very unclear as to how you get back to the home page. After 30 minutes I still can not figure it out. Apart from that small detail the navigation is very straight forward with menu bars appropriately labelled (although not specific to projects) and all pages consistently laid out.


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My name is Natalie Violet Lilly Dawes. Im currently in my second year of university studying Digital Photography at London South Bank. This blog will serve as part of my assessment for the unit Interactive Photography and will work as an online digital sketchbook documenting my research and design ideas for set assignments.
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