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Matt Stuart – website design research

A simplistic and professional looking website. A Home page that communicates the photographers identity. For each portfolio the caption under the photographers name changes giving the user important and to the point information about the images. This website is very cleverly executed. Very easy to navigate and consistent throughout, the website demonstrates a clear and clean approach. The colour scheme has been chosen to suit both colour imagery and black and white working extremely well with both. The font and size fit perfectly with the size of the visual work and menu titles have been appropriately used.  Blank space has been used to an advantage and a focus has been put in the centre of the webpage. A very clever and clean design.

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Dave Hill – website design research

A bold and brilliant Home page. Dave Hill’s highly edited images work well against a black background. With his images taking up most of the page this website relies on impact. Consistent throughout with small text, this website allows the user to view these extraordinary images in full detail. When accessing portfolios their names appear in red, in my opinion a more subtle colour could have been used, with such bright and colourful images the red text often clashes with the visual elements. A more simple font could have been used which would bring this website up-to date.

The site is easy to navigate and has a fantastic side bar detail consisting of thumbnails of bold imagery. This fits in well with the style of images which are fun and eye-catching.

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Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison – website design research

A captivating website all round. Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison’s website is beautifully laid out. A white background perfectly compliments their range of bold and muted colour photography. Simple text and an appropriate font size allows the user to really study the visual work without being distracted.  Again the text and photography is off centre leaving blank space that displays the images beautifully. The design is consistent throughout and navigation is clear and easy to use.

One detail that I have not come across in many websites is that the menu items are labelled as projects, the project names are mysterious and invite the user to delve further into the website. This in my opinion works very well as it further builds upon the identity of the photographers. Appropriate links to biography, contact details and exhibitions are made with the photographers names leading back to the Home page. Definitely one for the bookmarks!



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Rinze Van Brug – website design research

A strong Home page that demonstrates the style of the photographer. The simplistic colour scheme compliments the visual work displayed and is consistent throughout. The text font and size is clear and easy to read and works well next to photographic work. As with James Day’s website the images are slightly off centre and an appropriate amount of blank space is left leaving a clean and sophisticated look to the website. The individual image galleries are beautifully set out with small thumbnails that are consistent in size and design. When the user accesses images they are displayed both left, right and centre which adds an individual element to the site.

The site is easy to navigate and menu items are appropriately labelled.  ‘About’, ‘blog’ and ‘contact’ sections are included with a clear narrative throughout. One other detail that has inspired my own website design is the Home page navigation. ‘RINZE VAN BRUG PHOTOGRAPHY’ acts as the Home page button and changes colour when the user rolls over the word ‘photography’. This small detail is very effective in design but also is a continuous reminder of the photographer who’s website you are visiting. Clean, sophisticated and top notch navigation, Rinze Van Burg’s website is very inspirational.



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James Day – website design research

James Day’s simple and minimal website is very effective. The use of only grey, black and white further highlights his range of bold photographs and applies consistency to the website. His use of small simple text also compliments his imagery. The website lists many options of how the user can view the photography according to preference. For example: fullscreen and remove thumbnails. The font and text size stays consistent and is small, this may be a problem for some users but I find that the smaller text is less distracting.


The Home page is strong and the image changes every time you access the website showing that he has a varied style of photography. The layout is also very simple with both menu items and images placed to the left hand side. This small detail makes the website much more interesting. I very much like the off-centre approach used here and feel it makes the website more unique.


The only problem that I can find with the website is its navigation. Once you have accessed a gallery of images it is very unclear as to how you get back to the home page. After 30 minutes I still can not figure it out. Apart from that small detail the navigation is very straight forward with menu bars appropriately labelled (although not specific to projects) and all pages consistently laid out.


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WordPress Portfolio Assignment

To create a website on wordpress that shows your existing work with a link to your blog.

Research 5 websites and use as reference.

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Main Project – Final Piece (Once A Heart True)

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Main Project Production – Work in progress Part 6

screengrabs……only finishing touches to come!

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Main Project Production – Work in progress Part 5

Screengrabs showing working with sound in Garageband.

Branch 1

Branch 3

Branch 7

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